Passionate about people and their stories, Nicolai Tand believes that the most authentic friendships are built around the table. After a long day is always pleasant to get back to your beloved ones, have a relaxing dinner, share some wine and memories. Therefore he created La Cantine de Nicolai, a place where everybody can gather to experience a warm familial ambiance while enjoying the finest French cuisine.

Nicolai is in charge with everything in the kitchen. He keeps in touch with the caterers, and makes sure the origin and quality of the ingredients are at the highest. He’s always up to date with the latest tips about flavor, taste intensity and knows how to get the best of each ingredient.

Nicolai’s attachment to cooking made him the host of some important culinary tv shows in Romania where he shares his talent and encourages people to always be open to new experiences. His original recipes can be found on his personal blog where he promotes the taste of France.