The opening

Homemade foie gras, fig and onion jams 65 Lei

Salade gourmande, smoked duck breast, foie gras 52 Lei

Octopus salad, new potatoes and truffles vinaigrette 75 Lei

Escargots with butter, garlic and parsley 6/12 39 Lei/78 Lei

Soft egg with forest mushrooms, truffle, chorizo and mushrooms foam 52 Lei

Pumkin cream soup, foie gras, pumkin seeds and Comte 48 Lei

Onion soup, gratined cheese, prawn 44 Lei


Pasta and risottos


Ravioli with duck and forest mushrooms, mushrooms foam 61 Lei

Linguine with mozarella, cherry tomatoes, basil and parmiggiano 44 Lei

Creamy risotto with bisque and tiger shrimps in tempura 98 Lei


The sea

Turbot fillet, azuki beans risotto, celery veloute and broccoli 92 Lei

Poached dentex file with leek veloute and crispy fennel 88 Lei

Sole meuniere filleted tableside 105 Lei

Saint-Jacques, cauliflower and broccoli on butter and peanuts, truffles purée 89 Lei


The Farm

Beef filet, rösti potatoes, mashed carrot, beef sauce, truffles foam 109 Lei

Veal knuckle façon «Osso Buco», gnocchi, olive and basil 110 Lei

Duck breast, honey and ginger sauce, mashed potatoes, baby carrot, baby zucchini  79 Lei

Knife-cut beef tartare, homemade french fries 72 Lei

Lamb knee, baby potatoes, sauteed spinach, celery, carrot and peperonata sacue 95 Lei

Pigeon breast, burned endive, mashed celery and beetroot, pigeon sauce 97 Lei



Green beans 23 Lei

Sauteed spinach 20 Lei

Vegetables, home made french fries, salad, mash potatoes 15 Lei

Risotto 31 Lei

Truffled mash potatoes 31 Lei



Cheese platter 39 lei

Red fruits mille-feuilles 39 lei

Hot chocolate melting cake with vanilla ice cream  35 lei

Floating island in an English cream sauce  29 lei

Thin apple tart with vanilla ice cream  29 lei

Quince sablee tart and lemon sorbet 34 Lei

Cheese mousse with quince jam 32 Lei

Paris Brest with praline cream 35 Lei


**Couvert 6 Lei/person (hot bread and butter)

* If you have an allergy, please request additional information before ordering